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just the two of us

spa packages for two

Indie caters for couples and groups. After all, an experience is always better when you share it with a partner, sibling or bestie!

hot in here

90 mins 

2 peopleMon - Fri $399 | Sat - Sun $439

  • DIY Vichy shower

  • Full Body Massage

  • Spa Snacks​

You and your partner (or bestie, sibling, whoever your plus one is!) will enjoy our spacious dual suite including a DIY Vichy shower and steam. This unique water therapy session allows you to apply your own scrub, body mud and hair mask. Then relax in the steam and feel the products nourish your skin. Try out your choice of 6 carefully positioned shower jets that will massage and cleanse the body. For hot and cold water therapy lovers, you can control the temperature yourself! Following your Vichy shower, a full body massage will ease aches and tension, tailored to your individual needs. Then cosy up by the fire in our "Chill Out" lounge to enjoy some spa snacks. 

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Hey lovers! Just a heads up that this service isn't available for online bookings. Feel free to give us a call or email the spa, and we'd LOVE to book you both in. Contact us here.

Shower me with love

2.5 hours 

2 peopleMon - Fri $840 | Sat - Sun $924

  • Sea Salt Scrub

  • Tropicale Papaya + Pineapple Body Mud

  • Hair + Scalp Treatment

  • Steam + Vichy Shower

  • Full Body Massage

  • Spa Snacks

  • ​Sparkling Wine or Indie Cocktail

Experience our dual suite and vichy shower with steam and cold waterfall drench. Your body will be polished with a stem cells sea salts infused with green apple before being lathered and wrapped up in our nourishing tropicale papaya-pineapple body mud. It wouldn’t be complete without a nourishing hair and scalp treatment, before our Vichy Shower with steam and a cold waterfall drench to revive your soul. De-stress your muscles and mind by completing your journey with a hydrating full body massage, tailored to your indie-vidual needs. Retreat to our chill out lounge to enjoy local spa snacks and sparkling wine or Indie cocktail.

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Hey there, good lookin'! Just letting you know that this service isn't available for online bookings so please give us a call or email the spa, and we'll happily book you in. Contact us here.

add a cherry on top

level up your package with our add-ons

Indie Cocktail | $22

Indie Mocktail | $16

You bring yourself, we'll bring the fun with an Indie signature cocktail! Sip on a delicious cocktail in our chill out lounge after your spa treatment. View cocktail menu.


View menu (1 - 2 persons)

Mon - Fri $22 | Sat - Sun $24

+ Local Sparkling Wine | $15 per person


Facial Sheet Mask

Mon - Fri $32 | Sat - Sun $35

Using Bio-Cellulose technology, the mask moulds to the curvatures of your face sealing in Niacinamide, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae Extract & Australian Kakadu Plum for your best and brightest glowing skin yet.


Botanical Hair + Scalp Treatment

Mon - Fri $37 | Sat - Sun $41

This deeply nourishing hair treatment, with moisture-boosting botanicals like pea protein, sustainably sourced baobab and ashwagandha root, will leave your hair hydrated and glossy from root to tip.


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