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vichy shower

Immerse yourself in our Vichy shower and steam room, where you can enjoy applying your own body scrubs, muds and DIY hair mask.


Our unique water therapy takes you through a sensory session, with carefully positioned Vichy shower jets allowing you to steam, before a burst of cool water and warmth again as you shower off.

We kindly ask that you please bring swimwear for steam sessions. We strongly recommend black swimwear however we have black disposables if you forget :)

shower, scrub + steam

30 mins

1 person | Mon - Fri $129 | Sat - Sun $142

2 people | Mon - Fri $193 | Sat - Sun $213

Indie's Vichy shower offers a unique experience for loved up couples, you and your bestie, just you or whoever your plus one might be! This 30-minute water therapy session allows you to apply your own scrub, body mud and hair mask. Then sit back and enjoy the steam, allowing the products to be absorbed and nourish your skin. For those cool water therapy lovers, our bucket-bliss will drench you with a burst of cool water falling from above. Time to warm up again and shower off? Our Vichy shower jets will invigorate the body and leave you feeling energised. 

Hey there, good lookin'! Just letting you know that this service isn't available for online bookings so please give us a call or email the spa, and we'll happily book you in. Contact us here.


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