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Step into Indie’s unique steam room, be immersed into the gentle swirls of steam and experience our cleansing body treatments. Set at a comfortable temperature, so you can choose to sit and steam in a group setting, while you enjoy applying your own body scrubs and muds.

When things start to really heat up, cool off in our snow flake shower! Let the instant cool hit you, as you step onto a bed of snowflakes, gently falling from above. A refreshing cool breeze surrounds you as your body temp begins to cool down.

We kindly ask that you please bring swimwear for steam sessions. We strongly recommend black swimwear however we have black disposables if you forget :)

let's get steamy

DIY body scrub | 40 mins

Communal | Mon - Fri $97 pp | Sat - Sun $107 pp

Prefer a little more privacy? Have our Rasul to yourself and your friends...

Private | Mon - Fri $140 pp | Sat - Sun $154 pp


If you’d rather steam and socialise without a therapist… no probs, we’re not offended! Enjoy applying your own body scrubs and muds with our do-it-yourself option. Get steamy and social in a communal Rasul or a session with your friends! First, scrub away and exfoliate before applying a luxurious tropical body wrap and hair mask, then sit and steam. Starting to feel the heat? Experience our snowflake shower to cool off before retreating to our lounge to enjoy a refreshment.

steam, scrub + detox

Rasul with therapist | 40 mins

Mon - Fri $177 pp | Sat - Sun $195 pp

Put your feet up and let us take care of the treatments! An Indie therapist will take you on a full body journey from head-to-toe. Enjoy a full body exfoliation followed by the application of our tropicale papaya-pineapple body wrap. Your body will absorb these beautiful products as your scalp is massaged with our hair mask, giving your hair a bit of hydration! This treatment will be completed with a cool rush of cold stones. Finish your body ritual by experiencing our snowflake shower. 

Hey there! A quick little message from us, this service isn't available for online bookings so please give us a call or email the spa, and we'll happily book you in. Contact us here.


Steam only | 40 mins 

Communal | Mon - Fri $49 pp | Sat - Sun $54 pp


Do you want the steam experience without the frills? Enjoy some me-time in our steam room. Sharing is caring in our communal sessions. Not everyone loves socialising as much as we do, so please be respectful of others in our shared steam room. 

We just wanted to let you know, there may be limited availability for online bookings. If you're looking to book a steam only session, please give us a call or email the spa and we would love to find a space for you! Contact us here.


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